With MasterForms you can 'clone' any form created or used by other Joomla Applications.

One of the 'Demo' forms available after you install masterForms as a clone of the ACY Mailing subscription form. This 'cloned form' is a direct copy of the ACY Mailing Newsletter subascription form. It contains all the required 'hidden' fields to make it compatible, and it POST's data directly to ACY Mailing component.

 Cloning forms allows you to create an alternative layout of other application forms. You can create a full suite of forms that all have exactly the same 'look and feel', and control their styles using a common set of element classes.

MasterForms is delived with several cloned forms which you can integrate direclty into your website. These sample clones allow you to view the 'nuts and bolts' that you will need to use to create your own clones.

One of the main features of MasterForms is that any Field-Element which has been created, can be re-tasked into another Form, or reworked completely (change attributes, labels etc) if it becomes redundant.

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