FeatureStarter Pro
 Create an unlimited number of forms
 Yes  Yes
 Complete set of HTML5 field types and attributes  Yes  Yes
 Generate forms with mixed content including information blocks or images  Yes  Yes
 Pre defined data blocks for creating 'automatically populated' select lists  Yes  Yes
 Multi Lingual support with English GB as the default, CN and DE  Yes  Yes
 Repeatable field types, enables addition of same field in a repeating list  Yes  Yes
 Forms are W3C compliant, using Labels for every form elements  Yes  Yes
 Each generated form has its own optional set of parameters  Yes  Yes
 The MasterForm component has a substantial Options configuration section  Yes  Yes
 MasterForms is being developed for a multitude of CMS application  Yes  Yes
 Single 'Top level' categories for placement of instances of forms  Yes  Yes
 Multi level categories with parent and sub-categorys  No  Yes
 Configuration options to hide category filters, names and titles  Yes  Yes
 Quickly and easily edit or alter any previously generated element  Yes  Yes
 Quickly and easliy create Menu links to any form or saved data  Yes  Yes
 MasterForms is packaged with a set of default (pre-generated) usable forms  Yes  Yes
 Substantial Inline Help system within the components backend  Yes  Yes
 Free access to our support forum and online help  Yes  Yes
 Premium support packages available - includes updates for Starter version  Yes  Yes
 Full control over the 'destination PATH' for all types of file uploads  No  Yes
 Automated Inline Help updating system  No  Yes
 Inline Bug Reporting tool in the components backend  No  Yes
 Automatic updates via the Joomla!® extension manager  No  Yes
 Generate forms directly from a Database table in Joomla!®  No  Yes

This 'feature set' is by no means a complete listing of all the capabilitys of the MasterForms component. There are simply too many to list on one page. By studying the Online Help pages you can gain a better understanding of the full capabilities of our components.



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