MasterForms administration is accessed via the main menu's Components group MasterForms Admin item.

The free Starter version has 8 sub items:

  1. Welcome    (contains an Introduction and some basis support information)
  2. Forms        (contains a listing of all generated Forms and access to the 'Form-Builder' application)
  3. Categories (contains a listing of all your current masterForms Categories)
  4. Fields         (contains a listing of all Fields created in your MasterForms component)
  5. Fieldsets     (contains a listing of all Fieldsets which have been created during the Form-Builder process)
  6. Form Fields (contains a listing of all Field -> Fieldset -> Form relationships created during the Form-Builder process)
  7. Data           (contains a listing of all submitted form data generated by your forms)
  8. Help           (lists all Inline help articles)

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